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About us

Welcome to Read, where we believe in making the digital world accessible for everyone. Our mission is to simplify text and make it comprehensible for individuals with lower literacy skills.

We are part of Accessibility Desk/Digitaal Toegankelijk, where we work towards creating a more inclusive and accessible digital world.

One of the ways in which Accessibility Desk does this, is by performing accessibility audits for large governmental organizations. That’s where the idea for Read was born. We noticed that for a lot of governmental organizations it is quite difficult to write texts at B1 level. Some of our clients even let go of that requirement because it was outside their budget. That’s why we started looking for a way to solve this in an affordable way.

At Read, we understand the importance of accessible information in today’s digital age. That’s why we’ve developed a cutting-edge technology that simplifies text, making it easier for people to understand and engage with the information they need.

Our service is compatible with a wide range of languages and popular platforms and technologies, including React, React Native, Swift, Vue.js, WordPress, and custom development solutions. This compatibility allows us to reach a larger audience and make our services accessible to more people.

We are confident that our technology will help bridge the communication gap and make the digital world a more accessible place for everyone.