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Microsoft Office Add-ins for Editors

Our Word and Outlook add-ins are powerful tools designed to enhance your writing experience by optimizing readability and inclusivity. They seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Word and Outlook, providing real-time feedback and suggestions for improved communication with diverse audiences.

Chrome Extension for Readers

With just a click, Read instantly simplifies and enhances the readability of text on any website. Designed to support people with low literacy skills, our plugin ensures that everyone can easily comprehend and engage with online content. Experience seamless browsing with multiple language support and make the internet a more accessible place for all.

Developer API

Introducing our Read Easy API, which brings the same powerful features of our Microsoft Add-ins to your applications. This API enables seamless integration of readability analysis, multilingual support, and dyslexia-focused optimization, ensuring your text is accessible and comprehensible for a wide range of audiences.